What we do

The European Societal Security Research Group brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars focused on the expanding security role of the European Union. From military and civilian missions outside of Europe to counterterrorism, health security, food safety and critical infrastructure protection within Europe, EU members now cooperate across a host of new fields. Together, these efforts aim to improve the capacity of the EU as a whole to manage crises and protect individuals from harm. Described as “homeland security” in other national contexts, in Europe the expanding security role of the EU can be described in terms of “societal security”.

Members of the group include scholars from Stockholm University, Leiden University, the Swedish National Defence College, and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs. Associate members are drawn from other universities and research institutes around the world.

Our core aim is to use empirically-driven analysis and theory innovation to generate new insights into how EU cooperation is contributing to the security and safety of individuals.


The European Societal Security Research Group benefits from a foundation grant provided by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Sub-projects are occasionally funded from other government and academic sources.

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